Dream of killers

If you dream of killers, it means you are anxious. During your day, you had experienced stress, anxieties and worries. These themes are likely to be continued into your dreams at night. For example, if you had encountered news or gossip about secret societies, this stimulus may trigger dreams about activities related to gangs. That could be the trigger to inventing a dream about killers.


A man was in desperate need of quick, easy money. He gambled up a big debt. He refused to sell his house to be responsible for his action. He looked around his home and decided to play psychological tricks to scam his neighbors. His intention was to threaten, to get protection money. “Pay up, or face my wrath.” he thought the old and weak would plunge into stress and despair. He persisted in his personal vendetta to threaten and swindle.

Nobody fell for his ruse because money was very difficult to earn.

FOWC #FOWC Jan 31 2021 prompt – plunge.

Dream of snow

I dream of snow and its dream interpretation is related to the climate and season of the year. Since it is the season of winter, it is natural to dream of snow. The meaning could be telling you to prepare for facing the harsh elements of winter, or your situations in the home, workplace, or other circumstances.

Photo prompt – snow.

Dreaming of faces

Dreaming of faces can mean you have connections to the people whose faces you’re seeing in the dream. It is usual to dream of faces you’ve seen in the day, as your interactions with them have triggered the dream.

Sometimes, you dream of faces who you don’t recognize. This is because dream imagery can be composites and inventions which do not resemble real people.

Three Things Challenge #492 – threethingschallenge dimension, sparrow, face.

Dreaming of crescent moon

When you dream of crescent moon, it means you are at a temporary junction in life. You may be waiting for the full moon, where the powers are the strongest. Your moods on the days of the crescent moon, are mild. When there is a full moon, it pulls the tides of the oceans, as well as exert a magnetic pull on humans. You must learn discipline and self control, to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the forces.

Cat dancing in the moonlight.
Cat dancing in the moonlight. Cat walks precarious journey.

Three Things Challenge #491 – crescent.