Dreaming of our future

We love it when we were dreaming of our future. Should we believe it when we happen to dream of our future? You can believe in your predictive dream, if it satisfies truths you already know in your present life. This dream that you saw was probably triggered by stimuli you received during your waking hours. As such, there are bits of true facts incorporated into this dream. It expresses a version of possibility that may happen, if you act on it during your waking hours. You can dream a fantasy dream about your future, but it doesn’t happen until you act on it.

The meaning of dreaming of our future is to inspire you to act on the dream.

Thousands of social media followers and yet so lonely – what’s wrong?

We have read complaints from people having thousands of social media followers and yet they feel so lonely and misunderstood. Followers are only a number when everyone ramps up their game of acquiring numbers. The lack of social interaction is a wall behind which we hide for the safety of isolation. We prefer wasting time online behind the screen, than investing the same time forging real time relationships.

Every day we check in to read thousands of posts by strangers. But do we check in on our family members living under the same roof? Familiarity breeds contempt and we don’t value those closest to us in proximity. Instead, we hanker for fake attention from some electronic medium. Yet when we interact with words and emojis, we often flare up over ego clashes and subversion of opinion, which is essentially a violation of personal space. This is an example of what they think:

Why can’t I have the right to express my opinion and rant when I want to be heard? If anyone tries to placate me with fake assurances, I shall decimate them like casualties of stubborn insistence. Even better, I shall block them from the privilege of reading my posts and disturbing my mental health .

In this aspect, interactions in social media resemble their counterpart in reality. When people can’t connect, with one another or with their thousands of followers, they feel lonely, misunderstood and terribly unhappy. This is what’s wrong.

Dream of your purse being stolen means this

If you dream of your purse being stolen, it means you are unfairly treated and robbed. In your waking life, you might have lost something valuable, which triggered this dream. You might have been denied something tangible and this action became translated into a dream.

Anger is your weakness and strength

How can anger be your weakness and your strength? By turning anger your weakness, into your strength.

We know we’re angry. After acknowledging anger, where do we go from there? Do we allow it to simmer, boil and overflow? Are we going to lash out at others simply for being in the way? Anger is energy. How can we harness this energy and put it to good use? How do we handle anger to manage it?

Anger presents mental stress, which is why we should handle anger wisely to dissipate this stress. Tackling this challenge will develop our intellect, emotional growth and spiritual growth.

The first step in learning to deal with anger, is to recognize the triggers that set off anger. Some triggers can be frustration, irritation, resentment, and other negative feelings. We can do something when we see the triggers for our anger. We can walk away to cool off. We learn to let go of the issues which do not really matter to us, but to our ego. We don’t feel good when there are disagreements, which we view as slights to our integrity. We react in ways that separate us from the source of anger. We might break off relationships. We burn away anger’s bad energy. After that fuel is spent, we’ll feel much better. The same logic applies when you cry tears of anger.

Or we can stay to fight our anger and act otherwise. How can we control anger to prevent it consuming us? How can we avoid feeling angry? We need to be calm and rooted in tranquility. Only then would we be unshaken by attempts to disturb our peace.

Sometimes we are angry at others. We must learn to forgive them to regain our inner peace. Other times, we are angry at ourselves. We forgive ourselves to return to a static equilibrium that allows us to be calm.

Does Plastic Surgery augment Body Dysmorphic Disorder?

Does Plastic Surgery augment Body Dysmorphic Disorder? Or is it the other way around? Does having BDD induce the patient to seek plastic surgery to improve their facial appearance?

The Homo Sapiens are a vain bunch who want to look their best because their ego is fragile and needs to be protected. Where do we draw the line between the desire to project one’s better looking self, or to look perfect?

The plastic surgery field needs honest doctors and surgeons to advise patients on what modest improvements can done and what is deemed excessive.

If we look more beautiful, would we present a better impression on Zoom virtual meetings?

Jobs are awarded to suitable candidates who look the part and possess abilities to play the role. We have all heard of workers who got redundant because they are ageing and look old.

Who would blame us for quick fixes like botox and fillers? If plastic surgery can save jobs in the public domain, then they can do much more in the private realm of marriage.

Botox can last a mere 3 to 4 months. A filler endures longer for between 6 months to one and a half years. That’s the duration until the next fix.

Angry because of unfair injustice

Many of us feel angry because of some unfair injustice that was done to us. We’re angry about being cooped up in this pandemic. We’re angry we lost our income and sideline because of Covid-19. We’re angry people died when they were never supposed to be even injured at all.

Then there are people who rave about not being encouraged to be angry. Why can’t I be angry? Who are you to say I shouldn’t be angry? I don’t need fixing. Its my right to be angry when I need to be angry…

Do you really want to be boiling angry? What good does it do for you? What benefit do the other people get by trying to dissuade you from being angry?

Maybe you say you need to be angry. You have to dissipate your anger somewhere.

What can you do when you are mentally uneasy and can’t focus on any activity, even to relax? How about trying a repetitive activity like coloring? You don’t need pre-requisite basic skills to begin coloring. The movement of coloring key strokes is rhythmic and soothing. It might bring comfort. You don’t need to think about what upset you in the first place. Just let go and color.

If you’re looking for free coloring pages, just type in “coloring page” in the search box, or click here for coloring page.


anger, angry

Dreaming being chased by someone you dislike

If you dream being chased by someone you dislike, it means you are being threatened with disagreeable issues. This dream was probably invented because of your anxiety during waking hours. The meaning of the dream is related to your source of fear.

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#100HappyDays Challenge Day 30

#100HappyDays Challenge Day 30 says to pay it forward.

Do you need to stand in the queue to order and make payment for your food/ drink/ snacks? Can you afford to throw money at a total stranger? Do you want to do a small bit of philanthropy to reel in good karma? Pay for the person behind you. This is totally strange and might freak them out. Run away if you feel too uncomfortable to explain.

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Can You Be Happy 100 Days In A Row?

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Dreaming of geese means call for attention or dependency

The goose and geese can behave like guard dogs who make noise to call for attention, when strangers are at the door. Dreaming of geese, if it follows this meaning, indicates you can expect new visitors.

Other trivial meanings that deviate from this dream interpretation are:

Geese are fowl that search for food on ground, or in the water. Hungry geese indicate they are unable to fend for themselves. This type of dream imagery indicate dependency and self-centeredness. If the goose or geese are already onto you for dependency, it means you have to watch out and extricate yourself from this parasitic relationship.