Angry because of unfair injustice

Many of us feel angry because of some unfair injustice that was done to us. We’re angry about being cooped up in this pandemic. We’re angry we lost our income and sideline because of Covid-19. We’re angry people died when they were never supposed to be even injured at all.

Then there are people who rave about not being encouraged to be angry. Why can’t I be angry? Who are you to say I shouldn’t be angry? I don’t need fixing. Its my right to be angry when I need to be angry…

Do you really want to be boiling angry? What good does it do for you? What benefit do the other people get by trying to dissuade you from being angry?

Maybe you say you need to be angry. You have to dissipate your anger somewhere.

What can you do when you are mentally uneasy and can’t focus on any activity, even to relax? How about trying a repetitive activity like coloring? You don’t need pre-requisite basic skills to begin coloring. The movement of coloring key strokes is rhythmic and soothing. It might bring comfort. You don’t need to think about what upset you in the first place. Just let go and color.

If you’re looking for free coloring pages, just type in “coloring page” in the search box, or click here for coloring page.


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