Anger is your weakness and strength

How can anger be your weakness and your strength? By turning anger your weakness, into your strength.

We know we’re angry. After acknowledging anger, where do we go from there? Do we allow it to simmer, boil and overflow? Are we going to lash out at others simply for being in the way? Anger is energy. How can we harness this energy and put it to good use? How do we handle anger to manage it?

Anger presents mental stress, which is why we should handle anger wisely to dissipate this stress. Tackling this challenge will develop our intellect, emotional growth and spiritual growth.

The first step in learning to deal with anger, is to recognize the triggers that set off anger. Some triggers can be frustration, irritation, resentment, and other negative feelings. We can do something when we see the triggers for our anger. We can walk away to cool off. We learn to let go of the issues which do not really matter to us, but to our ego. We don’t feel good when there are disagreements, which we view as slights to our integrity. We react in ways that separate us from the source of anger. We might break off relationships. We burn away anger’s bad energy. After that fuel is spent, we’ll feel much better. The same logic applies when you cry tears of anger.

Or we can stay to fight our anger and act otherwise. How can we control anger to prevent it consuming us? How can we avoid feeling angry? We need to be calm and rooted in tranquility. Only then would we be unshaken by attempts to disturb our peace.

Sometimes we are angry at others. We must learn to forgive them to regain our inner peace. Other times, we are angry at ourselves. We forgive ourselves to return to a static equilibrium that allows us to be calm.