Dream of near blind girl & brown monster bear

One night, a woman dreamed she saw a girl who had a sight disability. This girl could not see with her eyes because her eyesight was bad. She was not legally blind, but near blind. It was just that her eyes could not see well. Maybe she required spectacles. This girl wanted to become a dangerous monster. And suddenly, a brown monster appeared. It looked like a big bear. Then the woman woke up.

Dream interpretation:

The girl who was nearly blind had bad eyesight figuratively and literally. This dream imagery suggests she does not have good moral compass. The girl’s desire to become a monster shows her anti-social behavior. She not only was unfriendly to people around, but also wanted to frighten them.

In real life, you might be knowing someone who is antagonistic. This person can be a male or female. You need to be careful with this person, who has no sense of justice. You might be betrayed or harmed when they suddenly turn into a monster.

Meaning of seeing Yeti (or monster) in dream.

Flow chart on dream meaning for bear
Flow chart dream interpretation on dream meaning of bear

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