Dreaming of using toilet in dark

One night, a woman dreamed she was in an office building, with her spouse. Then, she felt she had to use the toilet. She walked along a long corridor which was dark. A man was also walking along this corridor, because he too, wanted to reach the bathroom. At the end of the dark corridor, the woman and man reached the separate toilets, independently. The man went inside the male toilet. The woman went inside the ladies toilet. The woman dreamer said it was dark inside the ladies loo. She went inside a cubicle. It was so dark that she could not see the toilet bowl. In trying to peer around in the dark, her face came up next to the toilet bowl. That was unpleasant to her. She managed to use the toilet bowl and then slowly walked out of the ladies toilet. She walked back to where her spouse was sitting waiting for her.

Dream interpretation of using toilet in dark:

The woman experienced a tough time going through life alone when her spouse left her to handle their small family and household. This period was akin to navigating in the dark. The male stranger who was also walking along the corridor represented the outsider/ stranger who are also walking along the journey of life. But the woman did not speak to him nor ask for directions. In a way, this represents the individual who has to handle life and manage their way alone.

This dream was likely to be a simulation of the woman’s marital life, during the period when she had to manage her household alone.

Common dream theme is being unable to find useable toilet.

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