Dream of walking to store & see flowers peeking out of boundary walls

One night, a young woman dreamed she was going to the store to buy her supplies. As she was making her way uphill, she had to pass by several houses. These homes were surrounded by boundary walls. There were clear gaps in-between the walls, or where “windows” were constructed into the walls. Flowers peeked out from these gaps. The flowers made the bleak walls look good. Their dashes of color brightened the empty walls.

Dream interpretation

The woman dreamer had to run an errand but her work was made pleasant by the nice scenery on her way to the store.

The dreamer has work and chores to do. However, there are bright sparks in her life. These are represented by the pretty flowers she sees on her way.

Mindful walking, acknowledge brown grass, see wild grass flowers, let these thoughts go, focus on walking again.

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