Man often dreams of friends in his youth

An older man often dreams of friends in his youth. He seldom dreams of friends in his present age. He frequently dreams of himself in his younger days. He dreams of his siblings when they were young and living with their parents.

Dreaming shows illness symptoms in brain because dream imagery can indicate condition of brain. Here’s how:

A man dreamer was born in his homeland, but emigrated to a new country, to work and earn his living. As he aged into middle age, he was struck by illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure. He declined to take medication, because he preferred to use alternatives like natural foods to treat his conditions. After 15 years, he suffered irreversible damage to his health because of medical non-compliance. He visited a neurologist, who diagnosed his problem as early dementia. This condition affects people as young as 35. The illness is called early dementia because patients suffer from this way before they reach old age. About 2-3 years later, knowledge about this type of condition became widely published in newspapers. Early dementia was attributed to be caused by probable factors like diabetes, hypertension, genes and etc.

Dreamers who have dementia show symptoms via the kind of dreams they see. One of these symptoms is the tendency to dream of old memories made before they developed early dementia.

What a dreamer sees in their dream, can indicate the presence of early dementia. For example, if the male dreamer in this story often dreams only of his old homeland, then it indicates his brain prefers to replay images made in very early memories. One reason maybe because his brain is affected by early dementia.

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