Dreaming of man cycling with his sister but met his male friend

One night, a man was dreaming of cycling with his sister but met his male friend. This man then ditched his sister, to chat with his male friend. What is the meaning of this dream?

Dream interpretation:

The man prefers the company of his male friend. He abandoned his sister when he saw his friend. This dream shows his true inclination. He will betray his sibling, in favor of his friend. Likewise, a similar prediction would be that he would abandon any other member of his family, to choose his friend.

This dream was a warning to the man, and his family members. This prediction played out true when he abandoned his natal family to relocate overseas, in favor of his new job. Years later, he abandoned his spouse and child, to move again to a new country, because he desired to spend time with his new female friend.

Monogamy had some advantages for the wife.

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