Dream of a bald man

One night, I had a dream of a bald man. This was unusual even in a dream, because he was a young man. How could a young man be bald? He lacked a hairline. He wasn’t bald because he shaved off his hair. There were no hair follicles to be seen on his shiny scalp. This man was a stranger to me I couldn’t possibly ask him why he was bald.

After I awoke, I tried to analyze this dream imagery to do a simple dream interpretation. The dream imagery of baldness on a young man means premature ageing. Does premature ageing apply to me in my present situation? Yes. I have signs of early aging. My dream was a warning to me. I have to take care of my physical health, appearance and life style.

Pic prompt from MLMM Tale Weaver #315 – bald man.

Dreaming your husband was with another woman

If you were dreaming your husband was with another woman, just hold your horses and look for the suitable dream interpretation.

Dream interpretations;

  1. You are suspicious of your husband’s fidelity because he doesn’t pay attention to you.
  2. He spends more time at work and away from you.
  3. He spends a large amount of time on his handphone talking or texting someone.
  4. You feel depressed or unattractive.
  5. Your husband has a hobby or hobbies that consumes a lot of his time.

You should examine your circumstances and check on the validity of your suspicions. You might try to discuss your feelings with your spouse. If you want to spend time together, consider sharing the same hobbies together.

Dream of snow

I dream of snow and its dream interpretation is related to the climate and season of the year. Since it is the season of winter, it is natural to dream of snow. The meaning could be telling you to prepare for facing the harsh elements of winter, or your situations in the home, workplace, or other circumstances.

Photo prompt – snow.

Dreaming of storm

if you’ve ever dreamed of a storm and did its dream interpretation, you’ll know that it means you will see a chaotic time. You’ll be powerless against the elements of the environment around you. In metaphorical terms, you may be seeing the accumulated result of a problem which had been brewing in a teapot for a while.

JusJoJan Jan 28 2021 -prompt word storm.

Dream of chest: #threethingschallenge #477

What’s the dream interpretation of dreaming of a chest? The dream symbol of a chest usually leads to anticipation that there could be things inside the receptacle. If the dream plays out an empty chest, the interpretation is that there would be disappointment.

Cat in the chest:

Dream of cat in chest
Dream of chest means you’re anticipating something in the chest.
Prompt: threethingschallenge Mon Jan 13 2021


One word was chosen for use in this post and it was “chest”.

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Dream of man’s ego boasting of conquering women

What does it mean to dream of a man’s ego boasting of conquering women? The dream interpretation could be a warning, to remind you of the danger of proud egos who never admit failures, mistakes and rejections.

One night, I dreamed I saw a strange man who was disturbing me. He was shouting at me using abusive language. I had no idea the dream was prophetic, until I moved into a different neighborhood. There was an old man who worked at the main gate of my neighborhood. He approached me to tackle me. Then he took offence when he was rejected. He started shouting lies and slandering me. This has been going on for almost 5 years. Last Dec. 2020, I started moving my belongings away. I made multiple trips shifting boxes. Then I returned multiple times to clean, wash and polish the apartment to prepare it for the next incoming residents.

The Old Man who works at the gate has seen me moving out and returning for many days. His ego does not permit him to admit defeat. He still talks boastfully about having the capability to attract women. He speaks of emitting charisma and magnetism to attract women to return to his space to see him.

The old man on the left thinks the world of himself. He thinks the woman is returning to stay in her old home, despite knowing she has moved all her possessions out. Old Man thinks she returned because she fancies him, for some unknown reason.