How to make money being a dream interpreter

How would you make money being a dream interpreter? I was asked this question since I started this blog in 2018. Here are some suggestions.

  1. Learn everything you can about dream interpretation.
  2. Practice the art of dream interpretation. Analyse dreams of people close and far from you.
  3. Record your dreams, interpretations and the aftermath. Did your day pan out according to your dream analysis? This will inform you of how dreams work.
  4. Talk to your elders who have more experience in dreams and how reality turn out. Learn from their experiences.
  5. Read up on your culture, as well as different cultures around the world. Individuals’ dreams are invented partly from their personal culture.
  6. Do research on the various methods to monetize your skills in dream interpretation. Common techniques are via: a) blogging

b) writing and selling articles on dream interpretation

c) write and sell books related to dreams

d) conduct dream interpretation online

e) rent shop space to set up your booth to offer your service. Charge a fee that would help to recover your costs.

f) teach a course on dream interpretation

g) sell products related to sleep and dreams. Eg. bed, bed linen, aromatherapy oils that promote sleep, dream catchers, semi-precious stones with healing qualities, supplements that aid sleep and etc.

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