Dream interpretation squid

If you dream squid, what’s the meaning of dreaming of squid? Here are some possibilities:

  1. You work with squid and see squid daily.
  2. You love to eat squid.
  3. You had an encounter with squid recently.
  4. Someone in real life resembles a squid and may use ink or smoke to cover up something fishy. This squid symbol is a warning of a possible cheating and betrayal.

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Sewing dream, dreaming to sew

Housewife’s hobbies are usually housework.

Sewing dream

Sewing does not pertain only to clothes. Sewing shut a garment is also a metaphor to tell you to “sew your lips shut”. Sometimes your brain knows you have a secret you should keep. You were at the verge of talking about it because it is an interesting piece of gossip to share. Then at night, you have this dream about sewing shut a slit or mouth or something. You wake up puzzled, until you reflect on this dream imagery and metaphor. You would feel horrified when you realize your dream was telling you to sew your lips shut. So are you going to defy dream prophecy and talk about that secret? No. Its better to be safe than sorry. Divergence of a secret may lead to disastrous consequences.

Sewing as a metaphor can also mean patching up torn relationships, and sewing to mend before farther damage wrecks the thing in question.

Dreaming to sew

Some years ago, I had this dream about sewing garments. After I woke up, I was perplexed. In real life, I didn’t own a sewing machine. I didn’t know how to operate a sewing machine. I sewed some minor alterations by hand. I didn’t know how to sew entire pieces of clothing from scratch. What was the meaning of my dream? I thought about my wardrobe. I had clothes to cover my bare essential needs but lacked variety to alternate my dressing. The truth for my dream interpretation hit me squarely on my shoulders. My dream of sewing was to tell me to sew clothes for myself. I would have to learn to sew by machine, or hand sew entire garments. My dream told me I needed to vamp up my wardrobe.

#SBSaDrawingADay September 2 2019 prompt sew, #SBS

Dreaming being housewife, Housewife Dream

If you have been a working woman, and was dreaming about being a housewife, look at the reality here.

Myth of housewife having lots of free time.


Housewife’s hobbies are usually housework.


If you were a working woman and have recently retired, this is what happens.

Do you have more free time after retirement?


If you have a spouse (male or female), and they are going to retire, this is what you can expect.

Do you have more leisure time after your husband retired?

You have to cook 3 main meals and snacks because your significant other is at home to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Don’t forget to make coffee, tea, chilled drinks and the like.

Almost everything you’ve wanted to know about being a housewife is here.

Dream of cast, dreaming of casting net

The verb cast can also be used as a noun. As a noun, cast describes a plaster or support to help stabilize and hold in place. For example, a fractured bone needs a cast to help it heal.

As a verb, the action of cast means to throw. Like in casting a net, or taking a pick out of a selection.

If you dream of casting a net, it means good news. You are going to pull in a load of good stuff. If you cast and haul up junk, you are expected to recycle and make useful stuff out of your catch. Alternatively, casting and hauling up junk can mean there was nothing good in the place where you cast your net, and its time to move on. Thus, dreaming of to cast a net can mean you’re going to search for new opportunities.

Sometimes, you may dream that the net was cast on you. This means you face a threat. You may be the one who will be getting caught in the net. In waking life, someone could be planning to catch you by a trick.

If your context is being “caught” because you willingly applied for a post/ position, then you are being examined closely to verify your suitability for a specific goal.

Casting Couch Dream

If you have filled your application for casting in a media production, then your dream would be a continuation of the theme that occupied your mind during your daytime.

For anyone who dreams (wishes) to be granted an interview on the casting couch, this dream could be satisfying your desire, and not a definite prediction of the outcome of your application. Its because your conscious mind has desired it so much that your unconscious mind invented the dream.

However, the Universe works in mysterious ways. Sometimes, the invisible forces in the Universe may send you a “prophetic dream” to reveal a truth. In this case, your dream of being cast in a media production may come true.

CASTING CALLS website. Best of luck to you.

Meaning of Dreaming of Casting

If you have been searching for a new job or place to live, then you are the person who cast the net. You haul up your net and see what jobs are available. If you are house hunting, you cast the net to look for suitable housing.

Dreaming of casting a net does not mean you’ll be successful, but it says you should be spending time fishing for new opportunities.

#SBSadrawingaday prompt for August 30 2019 is cast, #SBS

Dream of wheel barrow, dreaming of wheel barrow

In some cultures, the people hold no reservations about what they discuss. One day, my supervisor in a teaching facility, spoke about The Wheel Barrow. She was on her morning tea break and her chit chat was her way of networking with her staff. To disarm them with frankness. I was not taken in because I knew her intentions.

I was reminded of this incident when I encountered the barrow in:

SBS’s #SBSadrawingaday August 26 2019 prompt.

Dream of wheel barrow

On the prim and proper perspective, this dream symbol usually means you are going to do some gardening work. You need the barrow to carry some heavy soil or other resource.

Dreaming of the wheel barrow can also mean renovation work. Contractors and interior decoration workmen use the wheel barrow indoors, to carry sand, cement or other materials.

Slice Dream, Slicing Dream, Dreaming of Slice

slice, dreaming of slice, dream of slicing, #sbsadrawingaday August 5 2019

Slice Dream

Why do you need to slice something? We required to slice food like meat, vegetables, fruit, and other foods. A dream seeing oneself slice something can mean you are cutting the thing down to manageable size. Relating this dream’s meaning to real life, it means you should be cutting down your work into smaller portions.

A slice with a sharp instrument usually carries a warning, in a dream. It could hint that in real life, someone is trying to harm you. A sharp tool is a metaphor that carries potency. It usually means risk and danger.

On the other side of this argument, it can also mean you or the opposite party, is trying to slice away the connection. Maybe someone does not want to associate with you anymore. Maybe your weak bond is being sliced away. A cut may not be clean and may injure either party. If you think that a sliced breakaway is going to happen, prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for it.

How dream of kangeroo relates to your life

Meaning of dream of kangeroo.

The kangeroo is a marsupial native to Australia. The first and foremost association from  diagnosing this dream image is that it speaks of Australia. The kangeroo may be a symbol that hints you will be visiting Australia soon. It remains to be seen by you, on what grounds you have, to visit Australia. You might have some official purpose to visit that country, or some recreational purpose.

The dream image of a kangeroo carries its traits like being a strong hopping animal. Your waking life behaviors may be recognized as having similarities if you acknowledge you like “hopping” from one activity to another. You may also be protective of your young, by enclosing them with your warm embrace. The image of the kangeroo may serve to remind you of your aggressive side, when you may act against people who your disagree with.

How dream of cancer relates to your life

Meaning of dreaming of cancer.

If you dream about having cancer, it does not mean you actually have the disease. Cancer is a symbol for other problems, illnesses and intangible issues like stress. Dreaming about having cancer may be a signal sent from an internal organ, to inform that it needs medical attention.

If you personally know of somebody who has cancer, or who has fought the cancer battle, then your brain is full of information and stories about them. The brain processes this data and creates a message in a dream.

How dreaming of campus relates to your life

Meaning of dreaming of your old campus.

Dream of your former campus could be triggered by one of these reasons:

(1) Nostalgia for your past.

(2) Suggestion to study and upgrade your academic qualifications.

(3) Hint to change your career path by returning to study at your campus.

How dreaming of a camel relates to your life

Dreaming of a camel can relate to your life in several ways. You have to find the meaning that most resonates with you at this stage and time of your life.

A camel is a hardy animal that stores fat and water. It saves its resources for difficult times, when it needs to rely on itself to survive. If you see a camel in your dream, it means you are being called on to behave like one. You have to save your all your resources and use them sparingly. Save for a rainy day. Besides hinting to you to save, the camel also represents the symbol of travel through tough conditions. Perhaps you are called upon to go through a dry and difficult period in life.

Other traits of the camel may also relate to you. It is a working animal and carries the rider and/or baggage. Your brain may have activated the memory cell containing the image of a camel, because it wants to tell you that you have been hardworking through tough conditions.

Another trigger that may have created the dream image of a camel, can be the familiar idiom, “The last straw that broke the came’s back”. It means you should not be over-burdened to the point of breaking and no return. We live in a selfish world. We are always called to assume more responsibilities than we can manage. Sometimes, in the name of multi-tasking, a person has to stand in the shoes of many people. If you think you’re being over-burdened, then it is time to sort out your priorities and decline tasks that are beyond your boundary.