As her dad courted a mistress and that mistress’ husband sought compensation by courting her

Freud wrote about his case study where his young female patient’s dad courted the family friend’s wife. The young lady’s dad may have made his friend’s wife as his mistress. The man’s friend knew it was un-natural for a rich man to pay so much attention to his wife, who is a married woman of lower social and economic status. This cuckold husband was lonely and perhaps jealous of being thwarted in sexual attention, so he sought revenge from his competitor’s daughter.

Did the young lady’s father know that his friend was courting or grooming his daughter? Did he resign himself to this to compensate his friend for himself tackling his friend’s wife and diverting her attention away from her official family and status? Did he not love his daughter enough to protect her from the wily charms of a possible pedophile?

What about the young lady’s mother? Surely these manipulations can not escape her attention? Is she of sound mental capacity? Why did she allow her husband to stray from the domestic household?

The young woman is caught in her dad’s love triangle, as well as his friend’s infatuation circle.

Freud debated this case in his book, The Psychology of Love. (2006). Penguin Books: U.K.

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