Dreaming of The Other Woman pics #10

Dreaming of The Other Woman is a story spin off of an earlier post called “Dreaming of husband’s mistress“. Please click on the link to read the original post.

The story for the illustration:

Penelope was dreaming of her husband’s mistress. One day, he reveals the extent of his relationship with his mistress girlfriend . He plans to leave Penelope for that woman. Since Penelope has to walk around more often to perform chores, she got to see more antics of the people in the same neighborhood. The drawing below is of Rhonda, the estate manager. The man is Hanson, one of the several security guards who work on the estate. Rhonda has a thing for Hanson. Rhonda would invite Hanson to buy lunch together. They would have the food packed in boxes and then bring it back into her personal office to dine in. In the privacy of her single room office. These are two adults who are unmarried to each other, spending time alone, enclosed in a room together. Hanson’s colleagues have seen this happening. Some are envious.

The boss and her subordinate lunch together.
Every day, the boss and her subordinate buy lunch packet food and eat in the privacy of her office.

Art work pictures are on recycled paper.

If you’re interested to follow this series, watch this blog for more. Other pictures will be in the posts Dreaming of The Other Woman. Story Review in pics #9, and then #10, #11, #12 and etc.

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