Dreaming of tenacity

Dreaming of tenacity, as explained by analysis:

A dream may appear as a fantasy, where a character in it clings onto a desire with a tenacity only possible in created dreams. In real life, people let go when they rationalize that the odds are not in their favor. They have the common sense to look at the scale and make a wise decision.

She stubbornly refuses.

Comparative story in real world:

A woman working as a small facility manager, was having a relationship with a male junior staff at her workplace. She was exposed by others, when he tried to strike up a friendship with another woman who refuted his advances. Probably one hundred people at the vicinity knew those two were having rolls in the hay. The affair was irrefutable but none bothered to speak up because they were not personally disturbed by the love birds. The man grew bolder with his conquest and started stalking the other new woman, who talked about his audacity. The board of committee at the facility opted to send the male stalker away and ask for other replacements. The female facility manager refused to bow out of her job, but hung on with a fierce tenacity. The job was everything to her. She hoped that her public exposure would become water under the bridge in time. And in time, she hoped to bring back her boyfriend.

Prompt – tenacity #FOWC. Irrefutable #FOWC.

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