How to identify the voices in your head

The voices in your head are probably from memories of people you know. Sometimes, these voices are a mash up of your memories, plus some modifications. For example, if you remember an old woman’s voice as being hoarse, scratchy, low toned and deep, then maybe these characteristics will be used to create a voice which you’ll hear. The voice in your head is likely to be an invention from your memory and brain. The voice has no physical entity. It does not have a body. It can not perform actions to harm you or interfere with your life.

It is natural to feel afraid of voices which you hear, but do not see their owners with physical bodies. You can tell yourself that the voices are not from people speaking in real time and they can not harm you.

You might hear those voices like as if they are in your environment. You might try to rationalize on their origins and how they came to follow you. You might do research online for technology that facilitates broadcasting of voices from remote locations. You may think your enemies are talking about you and transmitting their conversations to torment you. You think you’re being stalked, trolled, and your smartphone and computer are hacked. It is very difficult to do such things and hackers with IT knowledge are not motivated to target ordinary private citizens. They would spend their time chasing their pot of gold at the end of mega-rich rainbows.

How to identify the voices in your head?

You should reflect on the similarity of one voice, as compared to the voices of people who you know in waking reality. The similarity that matches is the dead ringer to identify who the voice is emulated from.

Your memories of the person are strong. Your impressions are firm. You have definite opinions of the person. When your brain recreates the voice, it also continues the themes which that person was interacting with you, as according to your past experiences and memories.

In a way, the voice is a figment of your brain’s imagination.

What causes your brain to re-create a voice from a memory?

  1. Mental stress can be a stimulus that triggers auditory hallucinations.
  2. Stimuli from your environment can trigger the invention of voices.
  3. Dietary deficiency starves the brain and body, which can cause internal stress and then number (1) happens.
  4. Medications or drugs for recreation can activate brain cells to make hallucinations.
A voice or sound can be included in a dream, or wake up the dreamer.

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