Day dreaming from my window: June 23 2021

I’m day dreaming from my window on June 23 2021. The weather is sunny. There are fluffy white clouds hanging still in the light blue sky. The background noise is from the construction site just outside my housing estate.

Its too bright to look outdoors.

I live here in a transition phase. I still do the activities I normally engage in because life can’t stop just because my home has changed. I wish I could day dream about making my new home. There’s not enough time for that. Instead, I’m at my keyboard hammering away.

Time passes and I’m nearer the end of the tunnel journeying through this long transition. There were different sights, sounds and some creatures of the dark tunnel. The background scenery is static. The living creatures are not. They listen. They scurry to safe ground when bigger creatures are near by.

I’m on a tiny piece of safe ground, daydreaming from my window on June 23 2021.

Descriptive writing prompts from Creative Writing Now website. to

French windows watercolor. Painted from photo on