Dream of the Red Chamber

What is the Dream of the Red Chamber all about? This title is also known as A Dream of Red Mansions.

Since this blog is mostly about dreams, the dreamworld, dream interpretations, dream imagery, dream symbolism and etc, I thought I should read this book to learn what the hype is about.

The narrative focuses on a young girl who is sent to stay with her relatives. The story starts with them being accommodating and they make her feel welcome in their combined household of several families.

The young people from affluent families spend their time chatting, drinking tea and wine, and eating refreshments made by the older women.

There is very little about dreams. Most of the writing is about how the moderately wealthy spend their lives in the company of like minded society.


Cao Xueqin. (2018). Dream of the Red Chamber. Also known as A Dream of Red Mansions

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