Day 1 Jan 1 2022 writing prompt

Somewhere in the estate, a stray cat growls repeatedly. Could it be? The last time she did that, volcano NoughtFiveNoughtSeven erupted.

Downstairs, the neighbor’s baby cries. The distraught mom pleads with her man to do something to stop her cries.

He fetches a small bottle and decants a minute amount into the baby’s feeding bottle.

The baby suckles. Crying is forgotten. Sleep overcomes her.

The cat continues to growl.

Catrina Taylor’s 31 days writing prompt link:

Writing prompt Day 1. Pasted below for convenience.

Prompt 1: 

Your cat warns you there’s a volcano erupting nearby. 

Prompt 2: 

As mesmerizing as the brilliant burst of color skyrocketing from the mountaintop appeared, the threat was clear.

Disclaimer: This is fiction.