Dreaming of switching handbags

Dreaming of switching handbags.

I dreamed I lost my handbag and was carrying someone else’s handbag. Under a mysterious circumstance of a big mix up, I was carrying a stranger’s handbag. I was worried and searched everywhere for the woman who lost her bag. I was eager to get my own handbag back. Suddenly, I spotted a woman carrying my handbag. I rushed up to her and showed her handbag. She was unconvinced she got the wrong bag. I told her to check in the purse, which had my ID. She opened the bag and indeed, found my purse with my ID inside. We exchanged handbags. Then I woke up.

The meaning of this dream is about threat simulation. I was threatened with the loss of my handbag. This dream reminds me to be careful in my waking life. I could lose my bag or other things if I got careless.

To dream of switching handbags can mean you did not like your present handbag. Other dream interpretations can mean you envy another handbag or set of circumstance and you desire to be in that set of shoes.
Yet another dream interpretation is that you are not suited in your present situation and change is recommended. Hence the dream imagery of switching handbags.
One dream analysis for the imagery of switching handbags is about the message of believing you are enough and whatever handbag (and resources) you have, are sufficient. We started life as children, who believed that the world is our oyster. We were taught that hard work is the key to success. We don’t need to envy others (and their material wealth like nice handbags) as we can accomplish our goals with hard work..
How to cope with our dream of switching handbags?
We can dream of a day in the life of someone else, but we need to be practical and handle our circumstances. When we believe in our own abilities and use our signature talents, we shall feel happier and more at ease. You know you’ll be comfortable in your own skin in a job that uses your talents. 
When we face problems, loss, illness, mistakes and changes,  we experience self doubts. We may think of switching our handbag/ role/ job/ environment/ relationships. However, we can’t change who are our family members, relatives and certain other factors. We may not change our handbag because we don’t have extra cash to splash on a new bag. We are more than material possessions. The way to cope with whimsical desires to switch handbags or anything, might be due to the lack of self-confidence and self-worth. If we have these, we won’t be bothered by a superficial show of materialism. 
Reconcile with yourself and what you have. You are good enough. This positive attitude will help you more than a hundred new handbags.
Do you have friends with positive attitudes? These friends will believe in you and your potential. Share your time and meals with them. 
There are ways to maintain positivity in your life. Take care of your body, mind and spirit. Eat nutritious food and exercise. Feed your soul with reading and healthy hobbies. These will carry you farther than any luxury handbag could. 
You fear your old handbag isn’t good enough, because you imagine it. Talk to someone who understands you. They will affirm your worth.
Explore your intrinsic talents and learn new skills.  You’ll progress further. Much more than a fancy handbag which would probably end up as the white elephant in the depths of your closet. 
Meditate and pray. Connect with your sanctuary where peace, calm and love reside. You can’t find these qualities in a handbag. 

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Pie chart on the common dream interpretations for dream imagery of losing your handbag

Dream interpretations on losing your handbag
Meaning of dreaming of losing your handbag

Dream meaning of torn handbag:

If you see a torn handbag in your dream, it is likely to mean bad news. As a handbag is an important bag where you store your essential items which you may need on your trip outdoors. A torn handbag can mean the safety of your personal belongings is at stake, because your handbag is torn and can no longer carry your belongings safely.

In real life, are you in danger of losing your personal belongings? are you going to lose your job and source of income? If yes, you won’t have money to maintain your present life style. You are in danger of losing your possessions in your handbag because you may run out of money to replace used items.

Dream of tearing handbag

If you see a dream whereby you are tearing your handbag, it can mean you should take care of your resources.

If you see a dream where somebody else is tearing your handbag, it means you should not trust others with your resources. You may get cheated, robbed or scammed.

What does it mean to change your handbag in a dream?

A change of handbag can mean a change of accessory. Has your economic situation improved? Does the change of handbag mean an upgrade to a more expensive brand? If so, then this dream foretells a better economic status for the dreamer.

If the opposite happens, like a downgrade in the change of handbag, it can mean the dreamer’s economic situation has gone bad.

Did you see yourself changing your handbag to match your clothes? In this case, we can interpret it as a change to improve the look. The dreamer has an important date/ appointment and desires to look their best. Maybe you have an important date in your personal calendar. This dream reminds you to prepare to look your best.

Dreaming of hanbok gift?

If you’re a public figure, and you hold a high office, would you accept an expensive handbag as a present? Its not a good idea. South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol’s wife, First Lady Kim Keon-hee, was secretly photographed accepting a Dior handbag, from who she thought was her father’s friend. In her defence, she did chide the pastor for presenting her an expensive gift. She accepted it nevertheless, and was exposed. In Asian cultures, it is impolite to decline a gift. Still, she should have known better and rejected it to save her reputation. She is the First Lady of South Korea. Ms Kim had also been linked with allegations of inflating her resume and manipulating the share price of Deutsche Motors (Korean), between 2009 to 2012.

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