Dreaming of switching handbags

Dreaming of switching handbags.

I dreamed I lost my handbag and was carrying someone else’s handbag. Under a mysterious circumstance of a big mix up, I was carrying a stranger’s handbag. I was worried and searched everywhere for the woman who lost her bag. I was eager to get my own handbag back. Suddenly, I spotted a woman carrying my handbag. I rushed up to her and showed her handbag. She was unconvinced she got the wrong bag. I told her to check in the purse, which had my ID. She opened the bag and indeed, found my purse with my ID inside. We exchanged handbags. Then I woke up.

The meaning of this dream is about threat simulation. I was threatened with the loss of my handbag. This dream reminds me to be careful in my waking life. I could lose my bag or other things if I got careless.

To dream of switching handbags can mean you did not like your present handbag. Other dream interpretations can mean you envy another handbag or set of circumstance and you desire to be in that set of shoes.
Yet another dream interpretation is that you are not suited in your present situation and change is recommended. Hence the dream imagery of switching handbags.

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