Dream interpretation tombstones

If you dream tombstones, there are a few dream interpretations for this.

  1. You have close relatives who died. You had not visited their tombstones for a long time. Something during your day triggered this dream about their tombstones.
  2. You had seen a movie, or read a book, that stirred up memories of tombstones and this triggered the dream.
  3. You missed your beloved dead ones and nostalgia brought up this dream.
  4. If you are in the casket business, or involved in any aspect of the funeral, you face the daily theme of taking care of the dead. Dreaming about making tombstone is a usual theme and it is normal for this theme to pop into your dream.
  5. You have unfinished business, like unresolved misunderstanding with a dead person, then you might think of their tombstone.
  6. In the contrary world of dreams, the symbol of tombstone need not be a bad or scary dream symbol. On the contrary, a seemingly bad symbol can mean goodness for the waking life.

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