Crane dream interpretation

What’s the meaning when you dream of crane? Here’s the crane’s dream interpretation. Crane dream imagery means your enemies will attack in groups.

Another dream interpretation is that cranes bring adverse weather that is opposite to the current weather in season. The crane is a good dream symbol if the dreamer is going traveling soon.

If you dream of a crane, it is a good sign for marriage and bearing children. If you had been thinking of getting married, this crane dream imagery answers your question.

If you were considering of bringing up a child, the dream of crane sends the message that you should.

Dream imagery of storks mean the same as for cranes. Storks and cranes share the same dream interpretation.

How to make origami standing bird

Look at photos to follow How to make origami standing bird. Part of this origami comes from the traditional crane creation, but the steps from the bending neck onwards are my own adaptation to invent a standing bird. Show your creation by posting in your social media. Return here to share your link. Inspire Me Monday! Thank you for participating.

How to make origami standing bird:

Start with square paper.
Fold crease into half.
Fold crease into other half of paper.
Crease paper into a quarter square.
Crease diagonal as shown.

Take a single flap to fold like this.

Take opposite flap & fold similarly.

Open creased fold like this.

Fold it down like this.

Turn paper over to the side with basic square. Fold like this. Repeat what you did for the done side.

Fold both sides like this.

Open up flap like this.

Fold left portion.

Fold the right flap portion too.

Take one limb and fold inwards as shown.

Now pull it down to adjust angle of neck to bend it down.

Make small fold inwards again to form bird’s head.
Fold down one wing like this.

Fold down other wing on the other side.

Fold lower part of leg at right angle, to make the claws and how bird stands.

Decorate with a bread crumb or rice grain or bean.

If you wish to color and decorate your origami yourself, use a square sheet of blank paper. After your origami standing bird is complete, you can start to add details like the eyes, and color it in. Children will enjoy using a blank paper to origami as they can color it later.

Please origami with me and show your product on social media. Come and paste your link to your image here. Share your pretty origami with us. You can also post on Twitter and tag me I’ll like and retweet your post.

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