Dream interpretation excluded from group and dream interpretation in a group

There is dream interpretation in a group and dream interpretation excluded from group (individual dream interpretation).

What is the difference?

Dream interpretation in a group
A group of people who are interested to discuss about their dreams, agree to form a dream work group. The participants must agree to some rules like respectful sharing and confidentiality. There can be one or two leaders, who help to facilitate the discussions. This group should agree to meet once a week, or once a fortnight, to talk about their dreams. Members should maintain a dream diary to keep track of their dreams and bring this log to meetings.

Group work for dream interpretation – One member talks about their dream. It should be mentioned if it is a recurring dream. This is because this means that the theme is an old one from the past and the issue has been unresolved for a long time. The dreamer should give some background context prior to seeing their dream. For instance, what is happening in their life currently, and what they think their dream means.

Each member has their own personal knowledge, experience, memories, culture, gut feeling, meanings associated with symbols and dream interpretation based on the sum total of their personal makeup of these factors. Everyone has a chance to talk about what they think the dream means. Of course, every person has their opinion based on their unique viewpoint. It is not necessary to force one’s opinion onto others to insist that only one interpretation is correct. The dreamer may accept or reject the perspectives of other members. However, all members must respect each other.

Dream interpretation excluded from group
The dreamer may seek the help of a psychologist/ psychiatrist/ psychoanalyst. The professional will use one or more theoretical approaches to help the dreamer to interpret their dream. Again, the meanings depend heavily on the dreamer’s personal factors like experience, knowledge, culture, associations, present situation in life, memories, and intuition/ gut feeling of what the dream means.

The professional may work with the dreamer on past issues that have surfaced in the dream.

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  1. It is interesting to learn about dream interpretation with other people. I like the idea of respecting each other’s thoughts. Thanks for sharing this info!

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