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Widow Dreams
A widow is a woman who has lost her husband because he died. The man whose wife has died is called a widower. The terms widow and widower are valid until the single bereaved spouses marry new partners again.

A married woman may dream of being a widow. This dream may not predict the death of her husband. Instead, the latent meaning maybe that she feels lonely during her day, and this theme of loneliness is carried forward into her night and dreams.

When a man or woman dreams of becoming a widower/ widow, this should not be taken literally to mean that they are going to lose their spouse. One latent meaning could be that the dreamer feels isolated from their spouse, because of various reasons. Factors like drifting apart, different interests, different circles of friends, different hobbies, may cause alienation and feeling of being “widowed”.

If you are a bachelor and hope to develop a relationship with a rich widow, your thoughts may have triggered this dream in your sleep. Similarly, if you are a spinster and have wished to start a relationship with a rich widower, your thoughts may trigger a dream about meeting a suitable widower.

If you are an unattached spinster or bachelor and have dreamed of a widow/ widower, then your brain maybe sending you a message. You may have nursed a liking for that person, but have not made a move. Your secret desire may have triggered this dream, to prompt you to act on your desire.

On the other side of the coin, a different dream interpretation can be made about the dream symbol of widow. If a woman or man has been working in a job, and is suddenly unemployed, this person may dream that they are widow/ widower. This is because the worker has been “married” to their job for so long that they feel bereaved when their job is removed from them. Long term devotion to a job is like being married to the job. The worker spends a large portion of their time at their job and work station.

Dreaming of Black Widow spider
This species of spider eats up her mate, which gives rise to her name, Black Widow (in mourning). Her heart is black and evil. This dream symbol denotes a threat. A stimulus in real life may have triggered this dream. Someone in your waking life may have bad intentions on you. A Black Widow spider usually weaves a web and its prey is caught in its complicated trap.

The dream imagery of a Black Widow can mean that a part of you is bad and is waiting to eat up the good part of you.

Dreaming of Widow
In other cases, the loss of a close companion like a friend or pet, can trigger the dream of being a widow.

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After you retire from your job, do you feel widowed from your long term workplace? Or you never miss it at all? Now that you’re separated from your workplace, do you have more free time to spend on yourself? Or do you feel like a lonely widow?

Do you have more free time after retirement?

If your spouse retired, do you have more free time to spend together? Or you become busier because you have to cook more, and be at the beck and call of your other half?

Do you have more leisure time after your husband retired?


Myth of housewife having lots of free time.


Housewife’s hobbies are usually housework.


Dreaming of a black widow spider brings up symbolic meanings. A female plotter maybe trying to trap you, to manipulate and eventually destroy you.


Dream being a widower:

If you’re a man and dream being a widower, there are a few considerations while trying to interpret this dream.

  1. If you’re male, are you married?
  2. Are there signs of you being a widower one day in the future? If yes, this dream may be a warning of the possibilities in the future if you become a widower.
  3. If you’re not married, the dream imagery of being a widower can imply other meanings. If you spend a lot of time being devoted to your job, then you may seem to be married to your work. Then, dream imagery of being a widower can imply your “partner” leaving you. You may lose your job.
  4. If the issue is not your job, then the dream imagery of widower may mean you feel alone, like a widower. You may be going through a period of challenge where you feel isolated.
  5. If you’re married with a spouse, how is the health of your other half? Do you have cause for concern that you may become a widower? If yes, can you help your spouse with their health problems?

Dream interpretations and meanings of the widow dream:

Dream imagery of a widow is likely to show her in black clothes. This is the traditional dress for mourning. However, this should not be interpreted literally. If you see a dream character wearing black clothing, it does not mean she is a widow. Its because black is often linked to the Shadow part of one’s psyche. This Shadow waits in the background, waiting to step up to take over from the conscious part of the psyche, when the latter becomes vulnerable.

  1. If you have a fear of losing your husband, then this fear plays out in a dream.
  2. This dream of being a widow could have been triggered be a fear of losing a loved one, or losing their relationship.
  3. If you are detached from a previous relationship, you feel you have lost that person. That state is similar to feeling like a widow.
  4. You may dream of being a widow when you’re sad, lonely, or grieving for someone.
  5. However, dreaming of being a widow, does not necessarily mean your spouse is deceased. The dream imagery is symbolic and you have to think which meaning best suits your circumstances. This is because in dreams, all characters are projections of yourself. And the dreams are always about you.
  6. A common symbolic meaning is that you’re worried about your health, or that of close relatives’. Bad health would always be coupled with thoughts on death.
  7. Dreaming of being a widow can be interpreted as a desire to see your loved one. Maybe he is away. Nostalgia, unfinished business and unresolved issues can trigger this dream. You desire to see your husband, but he has been taken away.
  8. The dream imagery of a widow can be an angel, who has come to visit you in your dream. If so, then this dream has a message of hope. The positive interpretations are: a) A good person has come to help you. b) You’re reminded of your superego/ better self. c) An angel disguised as a widow to send you a message.
  9. If you dream of yourself as a widow AND you see God, then you should interpret this according to your knowledge of what you associate God to be.
  10. The common belief on dreams says that all dream characters are invented from a part of the dreamer. God is in you. That’s how He can appear in your dream as Himself.

If you are a widow and you have desired to know where your dead husband is, you may dream of yourself and maybe see more dream imagery, like your deceased husband in Heaven. Your desire to see him may have triggered this dream.

If you dream of being a widow, you might be asking where did your spouse go? Did he enter Heaven? This type of dream is a wish full-filled. You wished to know if he entered Heaven, and you get a dream.

If you dream about being a widow and you visit hell to see your dead husband, the message could be the result of what you knew about your spouse while he was alive. Your brain thinks he went to hell.

If you have become a widow in real life, you might dream of your new status. You are probably grieving and this dream was triggered to allow you to go through your new status as apart of your bereavement. You may have wondered what happened to the soul of your dead spouse. You might have wished to see his soul and this wish triggered the dream.

Dream interpretations of being a widow include the failure of your relationship with your husband. If your domestic relationship has died, it may trigger this dream about being a widow.

Another way of expressing this interpretation is that you no longer love your husband. Your relationship with him has run its course. You want him out of your life.

If you are a widow in waking life, you may dream of yourself as a widow, if you were triggered during your day. Important dates associated with your husband can trigger dreams. Dates like his birthday, your wedding anniversary, his death anniversary and etc.

When you saw yourself as a widow in your dream, did you cry or feel sad? Did you accept it as your reality? Has it been this way in your marital life?

Dreaming of yourself as a widow can be triggered by real life situations like being neglected for want of attention. You felt alone, like a widow.

If your husband’s health is bad, you will experience changes in your domestic relationship and life. You maybe carrying an extra burden of caring for your husband. You may feel the stress, physical toil, emotional turbulence and mental fatigue. A married woman without the support of her husband may feel abandoned and “widowed”.

If you recently experienced anxiety about being left alone to manage life, then this anxiety may trigger a dream about being a widow.

If you’re not a widow but dream being one, you should analyze the possible triggers for this dream. Your marriage and its state may have triggered this dream.

If you’re not a widow but are afraid of becoming one, then you may be obsessing over it. Your panic at the thought of widowhood, can trigger a dream about being a widow. If your husband and you have not made preparations on how to manage finances and life, then you will be anxious. Your mental stress might trigger dreams on being a widow.

Every human has their Shadow archetype, who brings out the worst in the person. Is dreaming of being a widow caused by one’s Shadow?

If life is reasonably well the Shadow would try to wreck it by bringing up controversy, like inventing a dream about a widow.

Seeing dream imagery of a widow wearing dark clothes is symbolic. The dark clothes means a dark personality. If you don’t recognize the dark side of you, its because that is the Shadow aspect of your psyche.

Dream imagery of being a widow can be a “door” or changing point. Journeying beyond that boundary means a new and different transformation.

What were your emotions after waking up from this kind of dream? Your emotions are clues to discovering the messages behind this dream.

Fear is an important factor that can trigger dreams. You will dream about what you’re most afraid of. You will be shocked out of your comfort zone. Your ego tries to protect you from your fear of being a widow. Sometimes, you will still dream about it. When your ego knows there is no need to fear being alone, it wants to protect you from the anxiety causing thought of being a widow. It remains to be seen whether such fears are true. Sometime, you may dream of your widow character handling the situation well enough.

When Chinese females dream of their dead relatives

When a widow dreams & how to do grief therapy:

  1. Talk to people who are grieving. They understand your feelings.
  2. Pray & meditate on your grief.
  3. Trust that others can comfort you.
  4. Talk about your mourning to destress.
  5. Try Gestalt’s Empty Chair method.
  6. Acknowledge your bereavement.
  7. Believe that God shares your mourning.
  8. Trust God to guide your path.
  9. Join friends to get back to life.
  10. Experience slow healing.

If a widow dreams of her former husband after one year, around the first anniversary of her loss:

  1. On the first anniversary of your loss, acknowledge this special day.
  2. Reflect on how far you’ve come in your new journey.
  3. Allow yourself to grieve.
  4. Share with other people who had mourned with you.
  5. Pray & meditate to heal any lingering hurts.
  6. Return to old venues to relive some nostalgia.
  7. Talk to someone who can listen.
  8. Allow yourself to cry.
  9. Enjoy simple pleasures again.
  10. Spend time doing your old activities. Your love remains with you, although not in his physical form.
  11. Write a love letter to your dear beloved departed one.
  12. Honour your old memories.
  13. Accept your loss.
  14. Celebrate this first anniversary by doing something special.
  15. Thank God and the Universe for your loved one.
  16. Be grateful for your blessings.
  17. When you remember regrets, let them go.
  18. Be grateful for the time you shared.
  19. Accept your loss and continue life’s journey.
  20. When you’re able to appreciate life’s joys, you know you’ve healed.

How to heal after loss:

Here are the steps to do to heal after your loss of husband –

  1. Get used to new norm.
  2. Remember that God is always with you.
  3. Ask for help to support you.
  4. God nourishes us.
  5. Your grief will turn into a valued memory.
  6. God is with you through sorrows.
  7. It helps to express your expectations in a letter.
  8. Get used to celebrating a calendar event without your former spouse.
  9. While your emotions recover, take care of your physical body too.
  10. Have the courage to heal.
  11. You can’t rush your process.
  12. There is a bigger ripple effect from one loss.
  13. Take consolation that you grow stronger with hardship.
  14. Spend time with nature to heal.
  15. Accept grief.
  16. Look for signs of your healing.
  17. Trust God.
  18. Accept your new circumstances.
  19. You’re not lost.
  20. Believe God is with you.
  21. Be aware that anger is natural.
  22. Sadness that endures for more than two weeks becomes depression.
  23. Look at the brighter side.
  24. Stop blaming yourself.
  25. Stop blaming others.
  26. Suffering refines us.
  27. Let go of the departed.
  28. Treasure the memories.

Married woman dreams of marrying another man:

This can happen when the woman’s husband died, or when this married woman has separated from her estranged husband. Does this married woman have a young daughter? If yes, it means the dream is actually meant for her daughter. She can be arranging a marriage for her daughter.

If this married woman has no daughter, then the dream may mean she is pregnant with a female fetus. Years later, when this daughter is grown, the mother may matchmake her grown daughter to a bridegroom.

If this married woman is selling something in her waking life, and has dreamed of marrying another man, the dream interpretation is that she has signed a sale contract.

Grieving during festive periods when you used to celebrate:

Festive seasons and public holidays are tough to cope with when you’re alone after your loved one has died. The commemorative days that used to be full of joyful activities are now empty. What do you do now that you’re single, its too late to find another, and you’re still grieving for your past?

  1. Do you feel like spending quiet time alone, engaging in an enjoyable hobby? Or do you crave human companionship? You may like to share your time with someone less fortunate than yourself. You’ll appreciate what you have.
  2. Invite a friend to spend time with you if you can’t bear to spend the day alone. Be wary of making this a habit.
  3. Can you listen to music from the seasonal celebrations? Do you still partake of the music with some joy?
  4. Participate in community events. You’ll never feel lonely again.
  5. Confide only in people who you trust, like your relatives and friends.

How to cope when you’re a young widow.

If you’re suddenly widowed, you need to handle your finances. Your former partner’s bills need to be paid. If you can’t handle the money matters, search for a fiduciary financial advisor who specialises in sorting out finances for young widows and widowers. Look for the fine print in their professional profile, that says they act on a fee, and not a cut of the accrued money of the deceased.

Within one country, different states can have differing laws on whether the surviving half in the marriage, is responsible for paying debt. Generally, loans taken before the marriage, which are not co-signed by the other then partner, are not liable to be paid by the survivor. In the U.S., certain states which practice the community property laws hold the surviving spouse responsible for repaying loans taken after matrimony.

Widows and widowers need help and they may receive financial assistance from people who know them.

News snippet about how a widow continues life:

Kristen Hayes, the widow of Jimmy Hayes, has remarried, and it is to a fellow survivor, a widower, named Evan Crosby. Hayes and Crosby held their wedding on Memorial Day. For non-Americans, that day is May 26, 2024. 

Kristen has two sons from her marriage to Jimmy Hayes, the late NHL player. Evan has three kids. They are two daughters, Finlay and Sigrid, and a son, Nolan. 

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