Wheel Dream, Dreaming of wheels, dream interpretation wheels (updated)

Dream interpretation of driving in car.

Wheel Dream
There are a few types of wheels. There are tire wheels on cars, motorbikes, bicycles, boats, pottery turner wheel table, spinner, steering wheel and etc.

The wheel dream is a symbol that means you are in charge of controlling the direction of movement. This dream foreshadows a coming event or period in your life when you will be in charge.
You may be asked to head your own work, family, or personal project.

Dreaming of wheels
If you see dream imagery of tire wheels, it means you are going somewhere. Maybe in your waking life, you are set to travel somewhere. Sometimes, the type of wheels you see in your dream is a prediction of the mode of transport you’ll be suing in your travel.

Dream interpretation of wheels
The meaning of the dream depends on your personal association with this dream symbol. You are the best person to understand what the wheels mean to you in waking life.

If you dream of wheels, it can mean you’re turning around 360 degrees. You may be on the verge of changing. Dream interpretation of wheels can mean you have the ability (wheels) to move forward.

Person cycling on bike.
Dream of wheels means you may be traveling soon.
Baggage or luggage
Security guard asks me if the pink bag belonged to me. Baggage left alone will be wheeled away to the store room.

Dream interpretation of wheels:

You’re fitted with the means to move smoothly without much expansion of energy. If you dream of seeing a damage to a wheel, or loss of use of a wheel, it means you’ll suffer a setback in your journey in life.

Dream imagery of a wheel means time. The wheel is like an event or life, which moves along in time. The wheel moves like the hands of a clock. Thus, it can be a metaphor to mean the passing of time.

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