Whale dream, dreaming of whale, dream interpretation whale

Whale dream
The whale is a dream symbol that represents something of large magnitude. The whale is so large that it obscures other creatures and also, the environment. To dream of a whale can mean you are being eclipsed by a big event or person.

A whale is also a metaphor to describe a very good time. Like “having a whale of a time”.

The whale can be a reminder of a story in the bible, about Jonah and the whale. Jonah was swallowed by the whale. This could be a metaphor to describe a difficult journey for you, where you feel you are alone in the dark. However, you need to remain strong and true, for just like Jonah, you will be saved.

Dream interpretation whale
The whale is a metaphor to personify something in your life. It is unusually larger than life. You can relate to the association sf being a whale, by examining which parts of your life this symbol refers to.

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