Shoes Dream, Meaning of Shoes Dream, Dream Interpretation Shoes

Dreaming of shoes.

Shoes Dream

In my dream, I wore a pair of sandals to go shopping to buy a pair of shoes. I went inside a shop that sold track shoes (runners). I climbed up a short flight of stairs to the store’s second level. There were display racks of white running shoes. I was trying to select a pair. The store’s owner came to me and asked, “Why are you looking for shoes?”

I said, “I need a pair of shoes. Mine has spoiled.”

The man didn’t believe me. I had the impression that only yesterday, I was in this store, buying a pair of shoes. Today, I’m back in the same shop, buying another pair of shoes. I chose one pair of track shoes and paid for them. Then I walked home. My family were indoors. They knew I had gone shopping for shoes. My dream ended, just like that, when my mission was accomplished. I woke up from this dream.

Meaning of Shoes Dream
The latent meaning of dreaming of buying shoes means I’m preparing to walk a lot. The dream said I had already bought one pair of shoes the day before, and yet I’m back at the store, buying another pair. The message said I was storing shoes because I foresaw a hard time ahead.

Dream Interpretation Shoes
In my dream, I returned home to my family, so I would not be running away from them. I was storing shoes for my use in the near future.

Dreaming of shoes could mean the foreshadowing of a long journey ahead of me.


  1. Hi Kareem! Thanks for your time reading through my latest posts. You can remember your dreams with practice. Every night, before you fall asleep, tell yourself that you’re going to remember your dreams when you wake up. When this works, write down your dreams in a Dream Log (notebook placed beside your bed). Record your dreams as soon as you wake up, before your brain receives new input data. Because when new stimuli enter into the brain, the older memory of last night’s dream, gets pushed away (forgotten).

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