Dreaming of empty chair

Dreaming of chairs & Gestalt Empty Chair therapy.

The empty chair is a reminder of Gestalt Empty Chair Therapy. If you are a psychologist or client who has knowledge of this technique, you will be reminded of the implication of this dream analysis. The empty chair is present for you to imagine that the person who you need to talk to, is sitting on that chair. So when the chair is turned towards you, the associated meaning is that something good happens, like the person has mended  with you. If, in the dream, you have turned the chair to face away from you, then the implication is that you are rejected. If you were doing reasonably well before this dream, then it portends your impending change of luck. You may be getting bad luck.

Dream interpretation of chair not facing you.

The dream interpretation of seeing a chair whose back is turned towards you means bad luck maybe coming. Seeing the back of the chair is symbolic to seeing someone who has turned their back to you. The analysis of this image is that a person has become adverse to seeing you, or has become your enemy. You are expected to face some difficulty due to the lack of co-operation from this person.

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