Dreaming of optimism and eggs

The photo prompt is of a coffee mug with the slogan “Eternal Optimist“.

If I was to see a dream image of a coffee mug with the slogan, “Eternal Optimist”, it would be pretty clear to me what the dream analysis is. My dream tells me to be forever optimistic. I can relate to this dream metaphor because I am an optimistic person when I have hope for change to come. This is my anecdote. A long time ago, I met a decent colleague who might be interested to develop a friendship. However, this person was old schooled and declined to start a friendship outside conversations related to work, and only work. He had one foot on one boat, which is called Strictly Formal Work Acquaintance. His other foot was in the boat called Minimal Flirting To Keep Her Interested. I was daydreaming that one day, a real friendship might be forged. Ding dong, ding dong, and the rally continued. Before I kept count, one year had passed. I was foolish to nurture eternal optimism in waiting for the person to really respond instead of bantering all the time. Nothing came out of the bantering. My eternal optimism mocked me.

On a different note and in the same vein of this blog, I’m writing on what dream image brings optimism – eggs.

Dreaming of eggs.

Dream interpretation of one egg:
It is bad luck to dream of only one egg. However, its good luck to dream of seeing a bunch of eggs. So when you dream of seeing many eggs, it means the future is optimistic for you.

Meaning of dreaming of one broken egg:
If the egg was broken to prepare it for cooking, then this image means good benefit for you. For eggs are a nutritious food and eating an egg to nourish your body is good.

Dream analysis of seeing an open egg with two yolks –
This dream image is associated with double happiness, which means marriage. If you see a broken egg with two yolks, it means you will see a wedding.

Dream analysis of seeing broken egg shells:
If you dream of yourself crushing egg shells, it means you are resilient enough to crush hard resistance in your path.

Dreaming of eggs is mostly all good, except for the dream analysis of seeing one egg.

Have you ever dreamed of eggs? Did your dream come true? Did your dream of eggs bring optimism and good luck? Please share your dream.

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