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If you dream of Facebook, it means you have been heavily involved in your social media account. If you had spent considerable time during your waking hours on Facebook, your mind was occupied with this theme. During your sleep, this theme will be continued and you’re likely to dream of Facebook.

Interpret Facebook Dream
If you had been writing posts on Facebook, you’ll be anxious to know about responses to your post. Your anxiety may have triggered this dream.

If you had an unpleasant experience on Facebook, or related to Facebook, your old memory may be triggered by a recent event that reminded you of the older memory about Facebook. Bad experiences are more likely to trigger bad dreams. This simulates a threat, to remind you of the previous bad experience.

Facebook is about communicating to friends, relatives and people of similar interests. Dreaming of Facebook means you are in a way, dreaming of these people. Sometimes, you have a desire to get in touch with someone and that desire triggered a dream about a channel by which you can use, to contact that person.

If you had been stalking someone using Facebook, then your obsession’s theme has crept into your dream. Its time to help yourself by stopping this unhealthy habit. A habit can be eliminated by replacing it with a better one. It takes time, effort and a replacement.

Do you have an identity apart from Facebook? Do you need Facebook every day or every hour of your life? You have helped Facebook, but has Facebook helped you?

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  1. I am working hard to get rid of Facebook but sadly, it is needed for business sometimes. I try to stay away of all the likes and comments thing. In 2019, I succeed somehow but still, I need to get rid of it.

    I have 2 posts about the negative effect of social media.

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