How to interpret dreams about ghosts & spirits

How to interpret a dream about ghosts or spirits?

To answer this question, we need to clarify what is defined as a ghost. What you understand as a ghost depends on your personal experiences, culture, traditions and sum total of what you believe a ghost should be.

Do all dead people become ghosts? I would say no. Then why do some dead people remain on earth as ghosts? Some cultures and traditions say the soul who does not move on in their journey of afterlife, has unfinished business and it lingers around to try to complete its mission. Ghosts are from another realm of dimension and may be unable to facilitate changes to effect intervention in human events. This means it is unable to complete its previous goals. This continues the cycle of being unfulfilled and hanging around to complete its desires before moving on.

How do you know you had dreamed of ghosts?

If we follow the argument as stated above, the ghost in the dream would have requested you to do some task on its behalf.

Dreams of fox spirits

What is a fox spirit? This is a supernatural creature that is known in certain cultures. Specifically the Chinese culture of China, and overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia.

Chinese culture and tradition passed down from generations ago speak of the fox spirit. It is a supernatural spirit who can shapeshift, from a supernatural fox, into a human being. It needs to use the aid of a human body part like a skull, or by eating human flesh. The fox spirit and humans are attracted to each other. Myth has it that even after shapeshifting, the fox spirit is unable to hide entirely its original form and there would be at least one body part which shows. So look carefully and proceed with caution with Everybody.

Beware that a person may not be who they appear to be. That could be a fox spirit in disguise.

If you dream of someone you know, and you feel very attracted to this person, this could be your intuition trying to tell you something. There may be a reason why there is heightened awareness of this person.

Usually, during the initial stage of attraction, the romantic partner occupies a big chunk of your thoughts and feelings. This does not mean that person is a fox spirit who has shapeshifted into a human.

How to know when you have dreamed about a fox spirit?

The person is a fox spirit when you can identify a peculiar part of the body that looks like it originated from a fox.

In your dream, you may or may not see the manifestation of the fox’s body part. But if you have a doubt, then look carefully at the person during the day.

Another method to discern whether you had dreamed of a fox spirit:

When you had repetitive dreams about that person. And you’re obsessed with him/ her. Fox spirits have a way of enticing and seducing humans.

Dreaming of dead babies

Where do the souls of babies who have died in miscarriages and abortions go?

I don’t have the definite answer.

Some of those spirits become wandering ghosts. They had lost their mothers and have no homes. People with knowledge of the magic arts may entice those spirits to perform requests in exchange for desires.

Baby spirits & child ghosts are short in height because their growth was interrupted by death.

Baby ghosts and child spirits may have the habit of stealing interesting things because they are stimulated by curiosity and can’t help themselves. If you often discover your belongings missing and have no cause to explain it, you could be a victim of theft by these supernatural beings.

I saw a shop which had an altar paying respects to a child spirit. The worshippers placed offerings like a bottle of milk, candy, biscuits and maybe small toys at its altar. It was positioned at floor level because the child spirit was supposedly short in height. The shop probably needed to make money by stimulating purchases and influencing customers. It is believed supernatural power may be invoked to earn money. The spirit is appeased by offerings.

How to interpret dreams of dead woman who returns as a bride in dream:

Some people believe that a young single woman who dies may be lonely in her afterlife. She may appear in dreams of her parents and other family members, to lament of her loneliness wandering the Other World. She may request for a marriage. This dream could be interpreted as the ghost returning because she has unhappiness or incomplete mission in her existence. Her surviving parents may try to matchmake her with the spirit of another dead person. The ceremonial wedding may be held to bond the two spirits together.

In other cases, the deceased woman’s spirit could be married to a living man, who then has to live like a husband to the dead woman.

The dream of the ghost bride is usually referred to as The Ghost Bride.

How to interpret dreams of deceased man who appears in dream imagery as a bridegroom:

The parents and close relatives of the dead man may perform the matchmaking and wedding for him. The intention is the same as written above.

In the dream, if the dead man asks to be married, then he can commonly be referred to as The Ghost Bridegroom.

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