I saw dream imagery of a fox tree

I saw dream imagery of a fox tree, which in dreamworks, analysis says that the fox is a dream metaphor to mean a clever, cunning, sly, and nasty animal. Additionally, it has many negative attributes.

Dreaming of a fox tree, or tree full of foxes, can be a symbolic reference to the presence of many foxes. The tree grows out “foxes” by nurturing the young. The tree is the origin and source of contention for future reference. On this particular fox tree, there are many foxes. In dreamworks, the figurative translation can be a reference to the dreamer being surrounded by cunning, sly, and dishonest men and women.

This dream can be a prophesy or foretelling of my future. It warns me to pay attention to my environment and people in my vicinity.

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crayon fox against snowy blue sky and grey ground. Water color wash.

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