I saw this house in my dream foretelling my future home

It was on the night of March 10 2023, with dawn awakening to March 11, that I dreamed dream imagery of a different house which I had yet to live inside during waking reality. Its ground level had glass sliding doors that opened out to the front garden. A bird of mixed heritage was standing on the front lawn. I knew it was a cross between a Shoebill Stork and Hornbill. It looked at me through the opened sliding door. I walked away for a moment, distracted by a thought or concrete desire to attend to something. I returned to this same room and discovered this bird had invited itself in. It was standing inside the living room.

Dream interpretation of seeing a different house could point to a relocation into a new home. At the time of my dream, I had very low expectation of moving out of my then neighborhood. My family opposed any changes that rocked their boat. I paid no attention to my dream.

Fast forward around one year later, we had viewed a tiny house with a living room opening out to the front lawn. Amazing. I’ll be waiting to meet that Shoebill Stork Hornbill.

Hello Stork!

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