Dream of a bald man

One night, I had a dream of a bald man. This was unusual even in a dream, because he was a young man. How could a young man be bald? He lacked a hairline. He wasn’t bald because he shaved off his hair. There were no hair follicles to be seen on his shiny scalp. This man was a stranger to me I couldn’t possibly ask him why he was bald.

After I awoke, I tried to analyze this dream imagery to do a simple dream interpretation. The dream imagery of baldness on a young man means premature ageing. Does premature ageing apply to me in my present situation? Yes. I have signs of early aging. My dream was a warning to me. I have to take care of my physical health, appearance and life style.

Pic prompt from MLMM Tale Weaver #315 – bald man.

Dreaming of faces

Dreaming of faces can mean you have connections to the people whose faces you’re seeing in the dream. It is usual to dream of faces you’ve seen in the day, as your interactions with them have triggered the dream.

Sometimes, you dream of faces who you don’t recognize. This is because dream imagery can be composites and inventions which do not resemble real people.

Three Things Challenge #492 – threethingschallenge dimension, sparrow, face.

Dreaming of one eyed cyclops

If you dream of the one eyed cyclops monster, it can mean you are disabled in sight, or you have been deceived. You are one eyed because there is something wrong with the other eye. Or your other eye has been masked. Usually, this dream imagery means you were deceived and cheated over something.

Dream of quarrelling

In the dream world, a dream imagery may be interpreted as having the meaning of the opposite of its manifest action. For example, if you dream of quarrelling with others, it can mean the opposite of bad luck. The dream world sometimes has contrary meanings.

Dream of death

The dream of death of a close relative can have several meanings. It can mean the person who “died” has changed and their old self has disappeared. If the person has changed their workplace or residence, they has ceased to exist in their old place. In a dream, this would be represented by dream imagery suggesting they died.

Dream of sick people applying makeup

If you dream of sick people applying makeup to their faces, it means bad news.

In waking reality, we have seen how some sick people are very self conscious of their looks. They would apply make up and dress up to look better, or at least, to look more normal.

The dream interpretation of dream imagery of sick people applying makeup means they are seriously ill. This in itself, is bad. This dream may have been invented out of your own intuition. You are probably aware of how seriously ill the person was and your gut feeling is that their health condition may not improve. Your intuition is likely to trigger a dream to suggest what you guess may happen.

Dream of prison

In the weird world of dream interpretations, dream imagery means the opposite of their representation. For instance, if you dream of prison, the dream imagery is drab and negative but the dream interpretation means the opposite. You will see the world, become rich, and live a good life.

Old person dreams of entering big house

Old person dreams of entering big house may have a bad dream interpretation. The dream imagery of a big house can mean a dwelling in another realm, which can be heaven or hell. Old people are moving towards death. Heaven and hell are generally talked about as big houses in their own special dimensions.