What to do when a dream troubles you

What to do when a dream troubles you? You woke up remembering thoughts of your dream. Your conscious mind is bothered by last night’s dream imagery. Do a self dream analysis to interpret your dream.

Here are methods to do self-analysis, dreamworks and dream interpretation:

Method 1 – Mindfulness Therapy

You can displace the old thoughts by thinking of new ones. Humans can think of many thousands of thoughts in a day. The trick in forgetting negative thoughts is to let them float away as your newer and positive thoughts take center stage to occupy your mind. The older, anxious and worrisome thoughts are gone.

Method 2 – Divide your anxieties and conquer

Write down your concerns. When you itemise and list your worries, they look tangible and workable. Corresponding to each worry, write down how you’re going to handle it.

Method 3 – Tackle Recurrent dreams to eliminate them

A dream that replays often presents an issue that calls for your attention to resolve. You are helping yourself when you tackle this recurrent topic.

Method 4 – Dreams of body parts may hint of illnesses

Your body’s organs emit internal organic somatic stimuli to inform you when that part is sick. These stimuli can induce dreams that correspond to the signals. This is how the organs talk. Take care of pains in your body.

Method 5 – Ideas from your dream

Some dreams string together ideas for your attention. You might mull over them to weigh their usefulness. Record your ideas in a journal. How can each idea be used to help you?

Method 6 – Diary to track and compare with your dreams

When you record in your diary, you’ll know the events which influenced you to see that dream during your night’s sleep. If you see correlations between your daily activities and dreams, you’ll understand how you can influence your dreams.


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