Why I saw recurrent dream of something which I thought I never saw before in waking life

Why I saw recurrent dream of something which I thought I never saw before in waking life. I had even searched my home for that object; which was a pack of picture cards, hoping to find it and attribute my repeated dreams to the memory of having seen that object before. I never found it.

Over the years, I grew up but always remembered those cards whenever the seasons came to receive greeting cards. Slowly, the memory faded and I began to doubt if I had indeed saw those cards. I thought I had them confused with other colorful picture cards.

A few years passed before I discovered the source of this mystery. My aunt visited me and I mentioned remembering a pack of picture cards in my childhood, which I could not find in my home. She said she saw my grandmother throw it out in the trash. She said another aunt was the person who gifted my grandmother the pack of picture cards. Since my grandmother did not like the cards, she threw them away. I liked the colorful cards but they served no purpose and I had no right to put claim on whether to keep or throw the cards.

Now that my aunt confirmed the existence of this pack of cards, I began to understand why I experienced those recurrent dreams on the picture cards. I was impressed with them and after they were gone, I still hankered to look at them. That was why I dreamed of them, so that I could look at them in my dreams.

Childhood memories are powerful and can trigger recurrent dreams.


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