Meaning of dreaming of yew trees

There is meaning when you were dreaming of yew trees. The yew tree can live to 400 – 600 years old. There are also yew trees which are estimated to be 1000 years old. The yew tree is a symbol of longevity and immortality. If you see dream imagery of yew trees, it means you are lucky. While having a long life signifies good luck, this is true when the person has the means to live a good life with advancing age.

For reasons mentioned above, the yew tree is commonly planted in the grounds of churches. This tree will stand with the church for hundreds of years and beyond.

Dream of trees.

Pie chart shows different dream interpretations of yew trees

different dream interpretations of yew tree
different dream interpretations of the yew tree

Here are some Dream interpretations of trees:

  1. A tree is a structure of organization. It is a complete system that sustains itself. Dreaming of a tree can mean you should be thinking of your family tree, or a form of family structure.
  2. A tree can be an analogy for a body. The tree roots represent feet and toes. In a similar analogy, tree roots can represent your roots (origins). The tree trunk symbolizes the torso and legs. The tree branches are like arms. The bark is the skin. The leaves are like offspring because they are seasonal in falling off during autumn.
  3. Dream imagery of a falling tree can mean a death.
  4. Planting a seed of a tree can mean nurturing a baby.
  5. Dream imagery of a shady tree tells you that it provides shelter. Likened to a human adult, who provides protection (shelter).
  6. A tree can symbolize an archetype. There are many species of trees but they all belong to the category called trees. The tree is an archetype, which means it has its own blueprint and instructions to pass down from one generation to another.
  7. Dreaming of a tree can mean you’re reminded of spirituality. For trees are mysterious and spiritual in their immense awesomeness.
  8. A tree can mean a person’s life span, or different stages of a person’s life. A tree in spring grows new shoots, buds and leaves. A tree in summer has a full foliage of leaves to make food. By autumn, the tree would have shed all its leaves. If you see a barren tree, without leaves, it can be an analogy to a person in their winter years.
  9. An old tree can be a symbol for an old person, like an ancestor in the dreamer’s family tree of close relatives.
  10. A big, sturdy tree can symbolize a strong, protective figure like a father.
  11. A grown tree can be seen as a nurturing figure like a mother. Its branches and leaves provide shade. If it has flowers, they provide beauty to cheer up the human spirit.
  12. Tree branches can symbolize arms. If you see damaged branches in your dreams, it can mean your arms are damaged or unable to function well. In converse, strong branches symbolize strong arms. Weak branches mean the arms are weak.
  13. If you dream of sitting on the tree’s roots, it can mean you desire getting in touch with your roots, like your parents and grandparents.
Dream of tree
Flow chart of Meaning of dreaming of tree
Flow chart dream interpretation of trees
dream interpretation of trees using flow chart

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