Meaning of dreaming of hornbills

Bird flying, bird in mid-flight.

The meaning of dreaming of hornbills is that you will see paired partners who are faithfully maintaining their relationship for life.

Hornbill birds are known for their fidelity towards each other. These birds mate for life. Once they’ve found their partner, they will stick together, through thick and thin.

If you already have a partner, this dream of hornbills may be telling a message – have faith in your relationship. Your partner and yourself will weather the rough spots in your journey.

If you don’t have a partner yet, seeing hornbills in a dream means you will find a partner for life.

Hornbills are also known for their stealthy predatory habits like stealing eggs from other bird species. The male hornbill may steal eggs from the nest of another bird, and bring back those eggs to his female partner. The female bird who is expecting to lay eggs would appreciate eggs in her diet.

Since hornbills are birds, the dream interpretation includes the general meaning which birds depict in interpretations. Birds represent freedom and flight. These qualities are also desired by the human spirit.

Pie chart shows dream interpretations when you dream of hornbills:

Dream meanings for hornbills
Dream interpretations for dreaming of horn bills.

Characteristics of Hornbills can be linked to traits with meanings. Hence, dream interpretations are based on knowledge of these traits. For example, hornbills are capable of eating fruits with large seeds because of their large beaks which can accommodate swallowing of the entire large fruit and seed. The undigested seed is ejaculated and drops down to the soil, where it germinates over time. Hornbills help to propagate the trees of large fruit by spreading the seeds over a large area, thus encouraging diversity in the forest.

Fruit trees harbour insects, rodents and birds, which consume the fruits and the rotted portions fall on the soil. The density of concentration of these pests means the seeds often fail to germinate properly near their mother plant. Hornbills which fly and defecate seeds away from their source plants, help to disperse seeds over a large area to maintain the ecosystem. Hornbills are important for their role in regenerating trees in a forest naturally. A forest captures carbon and stores it, helping to reduce carbon footprint in the area.

If the dreamer is aware of this knowledge, and dreams of hornbills, then the meaning is associated with this knowledge. Perhaps the message for the dreamer, is to travel (like hornbills) for diversity and advantage.

If the dreamer is unaware of knowledge of the hornbills’ role in propagating fruit trees, then, this meaning can not be used for them.

Dreaming of hornbills can indicate far reaching implications like travel, diversity, and reducing carbon.

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