#EveryDayInMay2019 drawing challenge

Every Day in May 2019 is a drawing challenge. Artists from all over the world follow a list of set prompts and post their artwork Every Day in May. (#EveryDayInMay2019)

May 1 2019 – Draw a favorite food.

Food, snacks, steamed corn, french fries, apple pie.

#EveryDayInMay2019 Draw your favorite food

#EveryDayInMay2019 May 2 – Draw a nearby tree.

#EveryDayInMay2019 May 3 – Draw curtains. (to be updated later)

#EveryDayInMay2019 May 4 – Draw bottle of spices/ herbs.

#EveryDayInMay2019 May 5 – Draw something hot.

A chicken pie and a hot drink.

#EveryDayInMay2019 May 6 – draw something with bristles.

Dreaming of paint brush.

#EveryDayInMay2019 May 7 – draw envelope.

Dream interpretation of envelope dream image.

#EveryDayInMay2019 May 8 – draw something with a handle.

Dreaming of entering through back door.

May 9 draw an interesting label #EveryDayInMay2019 . I did the reverse; drawing the food while pasting the label of the tea bag on the hot cup of tea.

Food Diary

May 10 draw something to turn on and off for #EveryDayInMay2019 .

Electric iron leaking current giving electric shock – dreaming of electric shock.

#EveryDayInMay2019 May 11 draw something you wear on your head.

Putting on shower cap, cleaning cream and then numbing cream.

#EveryDayInMay2019 May 12 draw some stairs.

Meaning of dreaming of climbing up stairs.

#EveryDayInMay2019 May 13 draw the last thing you bought.

Buying newspapers from a convenience store.

May 14 draw something you use daily #EveryDayInMay2019

fan knocked down bottle causing splotchesMay

May 15 Draw something you can give away #EveryDayInMay2019 . I’m doing the opposite by pasting here an image of a book I’ll like everyone to give themselves a copy.

Available at http://www.lulu.com/shop/cai-doctor-of-psychology/dream-interpretation-of-electric-shock/paperback/product-24119385.html

May 16 draw ingredients for a favorite recipe #EveryDayInMay2019 . I can’t do this yet.

May 17 draw something used for measuring #EveryDayInMay2019

Shiny new apparatus to measure blood pressure.

May 18 draw lipstick or lip gloss for #EveryDayInMay2019 .

Meaning of dreaming of teeth.

May 19 draw a cupcake for #EveryDayInMay2019 .

You can have my cake and eat it too.

Draw a wallet for May 20 for #EveryDayInMay2019.

Dream of money bag like wallet torn.

Draw a spot you sit to read for May 21 for #EveryDayInMay2019 .

Reading newspapers.

May 22 draw something attached on a wall at home. #EveryDayInMay2019 (Not attempted)

May 23 draw an interesting detail of a building for #EveryDayInMay2019 . I didn’t draw this.

May 24 draw keys for #EveryDayInMay2019

Dreaming of one key or several keys.

May 25 draw an apron for #EveryDayInMay2019 .

Be mindful of wearing your service apron to the toilet.

May 26 draw a sign for #EveryDayInMay2019

Dreaming of sign, #doodlewashAugust2019 Aug 7 2019.

May 27 draw a furry or fuzzy animal for #EveryDayInMay2019

dog; Golden Retriever, furry, fuzzy

May 28 draw a yard ornament for #EveryDayInMay2019 .

Meaning of vineyard dream is….

May 29 draw a faucet/ tap for #EveryDayInMay2019 . (to be updated later)

May 30 draw a bird feeder for #EveryDayInMay2019 . I didn’t draw this.

May 31 draw eggs for #EveryDayInMay2019 .

Dreaming of eggs.

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