A Drawing A Day challenge #SBSadrawingaday

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This is the calendar of items to draw in May 2019
May 1 – Last
2 – Gap
3 – Container
4 – Artisan (I’ll try later)
5 – Visitor
6 – Receipt
7 – Cycle
8 – Routine
9 – Dish
10 – String
11 – Ribbon (Try later)
12 – Twine (Try later)
13 – Snout
14 – Hoof
15 – Claw
16 – Tattered
17 – Smoke
18 – Sea Foam
19 – Cup
20 – Jaws
21 – Hills
22 – Child
23 – Crane
24 – Neck
25 – Wind
26 – Wisp
27 – Weathered
28 – Captain
29 – Lost
30 – Found
31 – Tunnel

#SBSadrawingaday May 1 prompt “Last”. The last guy in the queue has to wait longer then the rest.

Be mindful of necessity to queue.

#SBSadrawingaday May 2 prompt “Gap”. The gap exposed his belly button.

Be mindful and read body language.

#SBSadrawingaday May 2 2019 prompt “Container”. I use this container the first thing every morning.

Dreaming of a coffee pot.

#SBSadrawingaday May 5 2019 prompt “Visitor”.

When you are the visitor, it means…

#SBSadrawingaday May 6 2019 prompt “Receipt”.

Even during sleep, our senses continue to receive stimulations.

#SBSadrawingaday May 7 2019 prompt “Cycle”.

Food Panda bicycle rider delivering food.

#SBSadrawingaday May 8 2019 prompt “Routine”.

Customer asks temporary cook, “Where is your regular cook?”

#SBSadrawingaday May 9 2019 prompt “Dish”. Comic panels about a customer waiting for his dish of food.

He can’t sit and wait for the cook to prepare his food.

#SBSadrawingaday May 10 2019 prompt “String”, as in a string of pearls.

Dreaming of pearls.

#SBSadrawingaday May 13 2019 prompt “Snout”. Cute pig snouts.

Happy Chinese New Year 2019, the Year of the Pig.

#SBSadrawingaday May 14 2019 prompt “Hoof”. No doubt the horse has four hooves.

Ask the horse, “Do you know Augy?”

PS. I had tried to draw for this #SBSadrawingaday challenge before but I couldn’t draw all of the items in the list so I gave up. Hopefully, I can interpret the prompts better now and get ideas to draw them.

I’m disappointed with #SBSadrawingaday challenge because none from the participants, and none from #SketchbookSkool, and @SketchbookSkool have visited. I have enrolled in many, many courses. Just one art student in the sea of thousands of others.

If you’re visiting, you’re likely to be from the public. Thank you for visiting!

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