100 Happy Days Challenge: Day 1

Day 1 of 100 Happy Days Challenge – May 1 2019

I’m happy to be here; the place where my intrapersonal is at peace with me. Although I’ve had ups and downs, I’ve finally come to my comfort zone. I learned to draw with my dominant hand. One day, I thought I would use my non-dominant hand to draw some pictures, just for a lark. The lines turned out unsteady, or what I call wonky. However, I liked my irregular line drawings. Nobody else may like them but I do. This is what matters. I’m happy to discover I can draw with my non-dominant hand too.

Here is a sample doodle drawn with my non-dominant hand:

Woman who keeps her family close to her face. She remembers them every minute of the day.

There are negative aspects too but since this is the first day of my challenge, I’m only talking about the positive issues in this 100 Happy Days Challenge. This challenge is the brainchild of original host Kareem and his challenge here.

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  1. This is awesome! I love to see that you’re doing it. However, the challenge itself isn’t my thing. I got it from social media 2 years ago

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