Dream interpretation sweat/ dreaming sweat/ sweat dream

Drenched in sweat.

Dreaming sweat
1) If you dream you’re breaking out in cold sweat, you’re facing a frightening situation. Do you face any threats? Or frightening situations? If yes, then your dream was a reminder of the negativity you face in real life.

2) If you wake up soon after this dream, you should know the reason why you had that dream. Maybe your room was humid/ hot.

3) If you were not feeling hot, but dreamed of sweating, then it could mean the first suggestion – that in your dream, you were sweating because of fear.

Sweat dream
If you had other dream imagery accompanying this sweat dream, then you can associate them together. It could be a hot dream where you engaged in steamy activity with your partner.

Dream interpretation sweat
Your interpretation depends on your personal experience. You could think and reflect about your waking life.

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