Synchronicity & collective consciousness at work in dream

Dream on Jan. 1 2024:

A young woman narrated her dream to me. Her Mom was on the telephone speaking to their movers. The older lady asked her daughter to confirm the date for the logistics to arrive at their home to collect their packed boxes. The mother asked, “How about in two days’ time?”

The daughter replied,”Can you finish packing in two days? Its a big risk to take. Let’s fix a date for the end of the month instead.”

The dream ended when the issue was settled.

Update on April 2024:

The young lady told me they had hired the logistics to store their boxes on April 26 2024. They engaged the same movers to store away their furniture on May 3 2024.

While some people would attribute this dream as foretelling the date of arrival for the logistics for moving, other people will say its the collective unconsciousness at work. Sine the daughter dreamed of fixing a date for the end of the month, she unconsciously followed her own suggestion in real life.

Moreover, the daughter gave her Mom time to complete packing the boxes, instead of scheduling for 2 days later. The dream and the actual day of the month that was chosen, are synchronicity.

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