Dream of climbing

Short story/ Flash Fiction on “Climbing”.
“Just one more step”, he told himself. “I don’t need to tether myself to the foothold. I can make it. This climb is as light as air.” He heard a whooshing sound as the wind rushed past him. The ground came to meet him.

Background of story.
The psychologist Carl Jung used to narrate the story of his good friend, who loved to go mountain climbing. This man talked to Jung about his dream. He said he had a dream where he was climbing up a mountain higher and higher, until he felt like he was stepping into thin air. Jung was afraid for his friend as he was familiar with dream analysis. He understood the dream symbol and its meaning. Jung begged his friend not to go climbing again. The fellow guffawed at Jung’s cautiousness. He loved the exhilarating feeling of climbing. Wild horses couldn’t drag him away from his favorite pursuit. While he had respect for Jung, he couldn’t stay away from his love. One day, Jung received the bad news that his friend had been climbing, when he stepped out into thin air. At high altitude, the man probably succumbed to low air pressure and reduced amount of oxygen in the air. He could have gotten confused and disorientated when he stepped out into air and fell to his death.

Dream of climbing
In other words, to dream of climbing means you have lofty ambitions. You desire to reach a higher rung of the social and economic ladder. You want to farther yourself.

Jan. 26 2017 dream:
I dreamed someone had forced me to climb up a mountain. It was steep and dangerous to run or walk quickly up the face of this mountain. Running was very risky as the terrain was rocky and steep. The other side of the mountain was even worse, as it had a cliff.

Climbing up the mountain according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory.

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