Dreaming of late night meal with you

Late Night Meal with You
Late night meal with you, before you went away. I never had another late night meal again. You suffered from a poor memory. You lost track of time. You never contacted me again.

I sometimes dream of you. My dream was always about the late night meal with you. It was triggered by nostalgia. Thoughts of you during the day triggered this dream in my sleep. I was always eating my late night meal with you. In fact, I ate so much that I never felt hungry during my day. I never had to eat much during my day. My scanty meals were supplemented by my late night meal with you … in my dream. I felt trim and light. I must be growing healthier by the day and night, with my new eating habit.

One day, I didn’t have to eat nor dream of having my late night meal with you.

Dreaming of people in cafe.

Thanks for the inspiration from the prompt #augyshort18_33

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