Dream interpretation of dentist

Dreaming of dentist.

The dentist as a dream symbol carries a few meanings.

1) If in waking life your teeth are in a bad condition, this dream continues the theme of telling you to visit the dentist for repair and maintenance work.

2) In physiology, the number of teeth (counting also the number which are extracted or fallen) tells the age of a human and animal. An older human would have fewer teeth with loss due to decay. In your dream, if you see injured teeth, or few teeth in a mouth, it means the human (or animal) has a short life span.

Don’t worry excessively if you dream of teeth. Sometimes, the dream relates to another person and not yourself.

Meaning of dreaming of teeth.

What’s the meaning of dreaming of falling teeth, or loose teeth? It usually means you are anxious/ worried/ stressed. You are nervous and that triggered the dream of damaged teeth.

Meaning of dreaming about breaking teeth.

Many people are anxious over their teeth, since adult teeth only grow once in a life time. If you dream of a tooth or teeth breaking, then it means you have been anxious in your waking life.


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