Meaning of poop in dream

Dream symbol of bird pooping on your clothes.

Poop is an ugly thing to see and messy to clean. However in the world of dreams, poop has different meanings. It heralds good luck for you. In some cultures, when a baby poops on your bed, it means you’re going to be lucky and  strike the lottery if you have been buying tickets.

When a bird poops on you or your clothes, it means good luck will come to you. You are expected to win money at the cards table, or some other form of easy money.

Dreaming of poo
September 8 2016 – I dreamed that I used a toilet in a public restroom. It was clogged with filth.

Dream analysis – In dream world, the disgusting may have an alternate meaning that is entirely opposite to its image. So a disgusting object in dream symbolism could mean good luck for your waking life.

Dream interpretation depends on your personal experiences associated with the dream symbol. Every person has their own culture, associations and experiences related to each symbol. The dreamer should use their own specific experiences to understand what the dream means to them.