Dreaming of seeing a bully and being bullied

Suicide is a cry for help. Except when by a miscalculation, it went too far beyond recall. If you have been sad for more than two weeks, then you may have depression. This is a mental illness which can be treated. You need to seek professional counseling with a qualified psychologist/ psychiatrist/ therapist. Concerns of the world come and go. You stay.

If someone has been bullying you, speak up to confront them. Tell everyone around you about your abuser. The bully wants to make you ashamed to silence you so that they can continue their sick mind games. They have no right to kill your spirit and your body. Tormentors are the ones who must be ashamed for their anti-social criminal behaviors. Abusers violate boundaries protecting others’ personal space because they have at least one mental disorder that interferes with socially and legally acceptable behaviors. Report them to authorities. Do not live under the thumb of a pathological abuser.

Please contact your local area police, your lawyer or free legal aid, S.O.S., women’s shelter, women’s charities, hospital for mental health, church clergy and administration staff, politician, and anybody who has power to help you.

MLMM writing prompt.

Dreaming of seeing a bully and being bullied:
If you have faced bullying in waking life, its likely you dream about being bullied. Dreams continue the same themes as in waking life. You may see in your dream, the face of the person who bullied you in reality.

A bully is usually a weak person, who uses force and power, to manipulate other people. Their lack of empathy may indicate a mental health problem like anti-social disorder or conduct disorder.

As psychology tells, victims of bullying often become bullies themselves. A new generation of victims and bullies are created.

Dreaming of abuse can mean self-criticism.


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