Golden-crowned Sifaka

Golden Crowned Sifaka.

My attempt at drawing a beautiful primate. This is not what it looks like exactly. You can look up photos to get the real idea.

This is the art prompt for Inktober 2018 October 1 – Golden-crowned Sifaka.

The Sifaka looks like a monkey.

Have you seen a Sifaka in real life? I haven’t, but I’ve seen many species of monkeys in the zoo.

What’s the dream interpretation when you see a monkey in a dream? The primate is a mischievous animal which can do a lot of damage in a home. Dream symbols usually take on meanings which you know in waking life. So this dream symbol has the meaning of being naughty. You may be experiencing naughty people at work or at home. These people are uncooperative and pose problems for you. Be prepared to manage monkey-like behaviors.

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