Inktober 1 2018 dreaming of palette of colors

Inktober 2018 October 1 palette – dreaming of colors

Inktober 2018 October 1 #sketchbookskool, #adrawingaday, @sketchbookskool prompt is PALETTE.

I’m using the drawing prompts for Inktober 1 to combine with their equivalent meaning in dream interpretation. What does a palette of colors mean in dream interpretation? If you see a palette of colors, what would the dream analysis be?

Dream analysis of seeing red color – You’ll be happy and lucky.

Dream interpretation of seeing yellow – Yellow is the color of gold and yes, you’ll be lucky and wealthy .

Meaning of dreaming of green – You’re a stickler for details and you tend to feel envious.

Dreaming of blue means you’ll encounter mysteries in your waking hours.

To dream of orange foretells a new beginning for something for you.

Seeing brown in a dream means you are assured of safety and the drab but secure comforts of home.

Dreaming of violet is bad because it warns of violence.

Dreaming of pink implies you’ll see babies and young children soon. These kids may belong to other people and not your own.

Dream analysis for seeing white is bad for people who are attached as it means mourning for a dead person.

Black is a powerful non color in a dream as it denotes power will belong to you.

If you had a dream without color, or saw dull images, it means you have been sad. If you felt down for at least 2 weeks, then in psychological definition, you have depression.

People who have consumed recreational drugs or prescription medication, will see dreams in bright colors or technicolor. Under these circumstances, these dreams do not hold meaning for the dreamer because they were induced by chemicals.

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